Los días del 2 al 6 de octubre, se desarrolló en la ciudad de Bucaramanga, Colombia el International Week of Research Development and Innovation. Dicho encuentro constaba de tres eventos internacionales denominados: 3rd International Congress of Mechanical Engineering and Agricultural Science 2nd International Conference Science and Drying Technology. 3rd Meeting of the RIIVI net. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE. Los estudiantes David Mauricio Silva Fernández, Harold Murcia Hernández,  Juan Nicolás Guevara Orozco y la docente  Jennifer Paola Corredor Gómez del semillero en Agricultura de Precisión participaron como ponentes. A continuación, se describe su intervención.

PONENCIA. Goodbye Soil in the Crops.

RESEÑA. An aeroponic system allows to cultivate plants in an aerial environment without the use of soil. It has a lot of advantages like getting the maximum production per square meter and preventing the proliferation of pests in the plants. Through this project, we developed an algorithm which allows to obtain data by means of the DHT11 sensor together with an Arduino board, and its communication with JAVA which allows to visualize and compare the data obtained in real time through a graphic interface, with the purpose of monitoring the temperature and humidity which affect a healthy growth
of the plants inside a closed space.

Keywords. Algorithm, Aeroponic, JAVA, Arduino, Optimum conditions.


PhD. Ing. Jennifer Paola Corredor Gómez.

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