Los docentes Oscar Daniel Sánchez Plazas, Jennifer Paola Corredor Gómez y el estudiante Edwin Alejandro Prieto Castiblanco del Semillero en Agricultura de Precisión participaron en el International Week of Research, Development and Innovation con la ponencia que se describe a continuación.

PONENCIA. Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft System For The Geometrically Irregular Surfaces Sampling: Dynamical Analysis.

RESEÑA. The target of this project is framed with an unmanned aircraft system design and construction that allows to develop theories and approaches on the aircraft autonomy trend and precede to the sampling exposition on geometrically irregular surfaces concept. Furthermore developing over an agriculture technology application, which is focused in obtain information from the horizontal and non-horizontal or geometrically irregular nature surfaces (Trees, bushes among others). The hole project design methods can be catalogued as follows, mechanical design; where is used the fatigue design and the cinematic so much kinetic analysis allowing a subsequent development of the structure
dynamic forces design. Modelling and control design; where a dynamic Newton’s physics based model appears, a model analysis executed by means of the software MatLab and finally the following controllers design: PID, algebraic, state feedback variables, LQR and some combinations between the same ones. Concluding on the integration and construction of those modules and obtaining a functional prototype. The record of this work as a theoretical-practical base that not only expires with the raised targets in the first instance, but also suggest and develops to depth some threads for a future investigation like: central transformation mechanism study, turn-in arm A mechanism study allowing the stationary flight inclinations, study and development of more than three different control methodologies(PID, RVE, LQR, among others) and a segmentation algorithm exposition useful to locates, determinates and track a sample to be grip. Everything previous to justify and advance in the airships development as autonomous systems.

Keywords. PID, Aircraft, Unmanned, Design.


PhD. Jennifer Paola Corredor Gómez.

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