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Smart ITS Sensor for the Transportation Planning Based on IoT Approaches Using Serverless and Microservices Architecture

Revista Q1 Factor de impacto 3.7 

La Universidad Piloto se place en  presentar el mas reciente paper del Doctor Luis Felipe Herrera, Docente de la Escuela de Ingeniería TIC en la revista en ieee xplore.


Currently, there are many challenges in the transportation scope that researchers are attempting to resolve, and one of them is transportation planning. The main contribution of this paper is the design and implementation of an ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) smart sensor prototype that incorporates and combines the Internet of Things (IoT) approaches using the Serverless and Microservice Architecture, to help the transportation planning for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. The ITS smart sensor prototype can detect several Bluetooth signals of several devices (e.g., from mobile phones) that people use while travelling by the BRT system (e.g., in Bogota city). From that information, the ITS smart-sensor prototype can create an O/D (origin/destiny) matrix for several BRT routes, and this information can be used by the Administrator Authorities (AA) to produce a suitable transportation planning for the BRT systems. In addition, this information can be used by the center of traffic management and the AA from ITS cloud services using the Serverless and Microservice architecture.


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